“Eric Jacobson is an excellent teacher who continues to help me elevate my level of skill and finesse in West Coast Swing. Eric has the ability to help his students consistently refine their basics while also helping to develop layers of musicality, form, style and technique. His approach has helped me to push past my current limitations, build on what I’ve already developed, communicate clearly and he always keeps me laughing in the process- he definitely makes it fun. I am thrilled with the progress that Eric has contributed to making my dance a richer and more textured experience and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone ready to take their dance to the next level.”
– Shannon Pedder

“Eric has been the only person who’s ever made me feel like I could actually BE a good dancer, like it wasn’t really all that difficult, like I was capable. And as a result of working with him I think I have become a much better dancer and person. I owe him so much. Self confidence is not something one usually expects to get from a teacher (at least in my experience, it hasn’t been). So, he is more special than I think he knows, and I appreciate him more than I can say.”
– Jen Hocko

“Eric’s style of teaching is fun, humorous, and well-organized. I have taken privates and group classes from Eric for a year and have really appreciated that he is able to phrase, or rephrase if needed, concepts and technique into understandable terms. From attending his classes you can see that he truly has a passion for what he is saying and teaching as well as the individuals attending the class enjoying and understanding. Eric also has a great way of explaining musicality and has helped me to explore different ways that I can move. His open-mindedness to technique is also insightful as it gives the student the ability to almost pick and choose what would work best for him or her. Oh, and he is fantastic leader, so dance with him!”
– Natalie Fisher

“Just wanted to drop you a note to say that I really enjoyed our private lesson and for the 1st time in about 5 years I felt as though I was hearing something that I could apply immediately, instead of what I have been getting. (Same story, new version and I don’t agree with most of it). This time I felt as though I did NOT have to start over or change my dance completely, I heard and understood everything that you said and enjoyed applying your knowledge of physics and body technique TO MY BODY AND MOVEMENT. I also appreciate that you took the time to ‘hear my story’ which I think allowed you to assess what I actually wanted and needed. I would love to work with you more and will definitely book another private on your June trip.”
– Dawn Degrushe

“Eric has the uncommon ability to quickly identify what needs to be corrected, how to correct it, and how to make what needs to be corrected understandable to the student. His eye for precision does not overwhelm a very relaxed, comfortable teaching style.”
– Eleesa Perez

“Again, thank you very much for the private lesson. It has been very helpful to me to gain the knowledge that you so graciously give to your students such as I. Your patience is appreciated as there is so much to learn the techniques of the West coast dance. As we talked about during the lesson, anybody can learn a pattern but the important part is to learn the technique that leads you into and helps you to do the pattern the right way. You have taught me that, I thank you.”
– Rich Forshee