Return to Dance Refresher Course!

Sunday, July 18th – 1:00-5:00pm
Duende Dance Studio, St. Louis Park, MN

Get ready to hit the social dance floor again with an afternoon of learning and practice!

With social dancing on the horizon, it’s a good time to dust off those dancing shoes and get a little tune-up. This refresher course offers two workshops focused on connection and having fun with a partner and a short practice session to both apply what you learn and spend time with your fellow dancers. The goal is to get comfortable and have fun dancing again!

This course is for experienced West Coast Swing dancers who are comfortable with the basics and fundamentals.


1:00-1:15pm Check in and warm up

1:15-2:30pm Reconnection
This workshop will refresh your fundamentals and help you reconnect – with your partner, with the floor, and with your own body. Through exercises, drills, and practice, you will gain greater awareness of your own body, your balance, your timing, your partner, and your connection. Learn to feel comfortable again on your own two feet and be able to open up lines of communication with any and every partner.

2:30-2:45pm Break and practice

2:45-4:00pm Playtime!
Start playing with variations and see how they can be used to create more dynamic partnerships. You’ll learn a few different ways to shape your dancing and then discover how to both influence and play off your partner. Find ways to break out of the cookie-cutter basics and create more interesting and exciting partnerships. 

4:00-5:00pm Practice
Take some time to apply what you’ve learned and catch up with your fellow dancers

COVID Restrictions

For the safety of all, this class will only be open to fully vaccinated participants. This means you must have received your final vaccination shot at least two weeks prior to the course.

Exceptions for those who cannot get vaccinated due to medical reasons (allergies, chronic diseases, etc.) will be considered but any unvaccinated persons admitted to the course must wear a mask at all times, per CDC guidelines.

I know these rules may not work for everyone, but I hope you can understand that I am doing my best to look out for the well-being of the group as a whole, following the best science and expert guidance at this time, and ensuring that those who participate feel safe and comfortable with any potential risks.


$30 if registered by Friday, July 16th
$40 at the door (please arrive promptly at 1:00pm to register)

This course is a single package, including two workshops and a practice session.
Individual workshops and the practice session are not available separately.


To register, please complete and submit the following form.
Following submission, you will be asked to send payment.